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Terra Seeding


Looking to spruce up your lawn and do all of the cumbersome steps in one controlled application?

Let Mulch Express USA blow in your lawn! There is no heavy machinery on the lawn areas. There is no traffic of dump trucks bringing in topsoil. And our service is guaranteed for customer satisfaction. Mulch Express USA will even out pesky holes or low areas in your lawn. Then, a final 1-inch layer of Turf Start soil mix impregnated with seed is blown in using our patented computer calibrated Seed Injection System. Mulch Express USA puts the enjoyment back into landscaping. Just add Water!!

Terraseeding™ is our patented process that eliminates hauling and wheelbarrowing of soil, leveling and raking, seeding by hand, fertilizing and topdressing over the seed.

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Benefits of Terraseeding™

Seed is planted, rather than exposed on the surface.

Germination is increased due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.

The “blown-in” application levels the rough grade of sub-soil with a smooth finished layer o well draining soil.

Most lawns can be planted in 2 hours or less!

Applications using Terraseeding™

New lawn installation

Existing lawn topdressing and renovation

Athletic turf topdressing and renovation

EcoBerm® and EcoBlanket® installation

Installation of native landscapes with wildflower seed

Weed control in flowerbeds




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